No More Weighting!

We all have habits and those habits become a part of us.  Habits are routines of  behaviour that are regularly repeated without us noticing.  We practice our habits at an unconscious level. Habits are stored in the unconscious mind, which is sometimes referred to as the ‘ habitual mind’ because of this.

Habits follow a pattern and they become our behaviour.   We learn habits and we learn patterns, therefore we can un learn them.

Instead of continually dieting and weighing yourself, spend some time to examine your eating patterns and habits.

What is it that makes you rush for the chocolate or the biscuits? Is it a feeling? Can you name that feeling?  Once you can identify WHY you will then know WHEN and you can learn HOW to break the habits and patterns.

  • Find the pattern
  • Break the pattern
  • End the habit

NLP techniques will enable you to discover why you have weight issues so that you can then re programme your mind. By dieting you are treating the symptoms!  Deal with the cause and there will no longer be any need for dieting.

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