Stop THINKING and start DOING !

Are you stuck?  If you are not happy with your life then stop Thinking and start Doing! Only you are in control of you,  No one can make you feel anything unless you allow it, no one can make you do something unless you allow it. The only person responsible for keeping you stuck is you. 
So often people stay in a place where their needs and wants are not being met, yet they remain there and constantly complain and moan about how miserable they are. This could be due to your job, your relationship or even where you live.  To improve a situation, you can only change the things that you are in control of, and sometimes that may mean that you simply have to walk away!
OVERTHINKING When you have reached this moment, when you know that it is time to move on, what can happen is that you keep putting it off.  You keep telling yourself that maybe things will change, maybe all will be better next week, next month and so on.   Sometimes we just don’t want to face it, because it is too big, taking action is far too scary so we keep pushing it away and not addressing it.  This is fear keeping you stuck, fear of the unknown will prevent you from taking action.  You may suddenly realise that months have passed and nothing has changed.  You know what you need to do but all the ‘what if’s’ keep you from moving on.   You will begin to overthink everything and wonder how life will be on the other side, you worry if you will cope and manage outside of your safe but insufferable bubble.  You will play out all sorts of scenarios in your head, of all the worst things that can happen.  The truth is that you can never know the future so don’t try and invent one, don’t waste your valuable energy focusing on what may be.   You only need to ask and answer one question and that is the one you know the answer to……What will happen if I stay?
LOOK WITHIN You have all the answers inside; no one else can decide for you.  There are many times in life when making a decision is so tough that you reach out to others for the answer.  It is fine to get advice and to use friends and family as a sounding board, but only you know how you feel deep inside no one else can make that final decision for you.  Here is an exercise that will help you to get in touch with your higher self.  Take some time alone to be quiet and in the moment, clear you mind, concentrate on your breathing for about forty seconds.  Once your mind is clear and you are calm and relaxed, place both hands on the centre of your chest, your heart chakra.  Now ask the question.  You are now looking to your higher self, this is your truth, and this is where all your answers reside. When you quieten the mind you are present and in the now.  You are not concerned about the past and you are not fearful of the future.  Taking necessary action should be taken in a calm state, not an angry stressed state.  When you are calm and in control and look within, you are then at peace with your higher self.  This will allow clarity and focus and give you strength to take action.
MOVING ON Once you have looked within and have made the right decision for you, you will feel a deep sense of relief, you will know without a doubt that this is the right thing to do.  You will feel a little fear, but it is more excitement because you know you are about to become free of all that has kept you stuck.  Whenever a doubt crosses your mind, go back to this feeling, and remind yourself how good it feels. 
Here is a visualisation exercise to help keep you on track. Take some quiet time and clear your mind as above.  Now picture yourself on the other side, having taken action.  Make the picture panoramic, see everything in bright full colour, feel how great it is to be free, hear all the sounds around you.  When the image is at its most vibrant gently squeeze your earlobe and hold it there until the image starts to dim, now let go of your chosen earlobe and open your eyes.  This is your Anchor, now whenever you get doubts or fears, simply squeeze your anchor to bring this visualisation back into your mind, breathe and tell yourself “I can do this”.
It is normal to first feel elated and then to question yourself.  However just remember that the initial elation and relief you felt was because you knew you had done the right thing. Don’t ever loose site of that. When you have those moments of doubt, go back to that initial state of elation and freedom and embrace it, hold on to it, because that was you being in the moment, you being in the now and  the now is all that matters. 
There will be days when you look back and that is ok but don’t sit and dwell on the past.  Remember the past is done; you can’t change it, so let go and move on.  Concentrate on the future and all that you want, forget about what you don’t want.
Life is for living, not for being stuck, if you are not happy, don’t blame and point the finger, if you are not happy, take action and move on, you owe it to yourself.  
You can create Anchors every time you find yourself in a good head space, for instance when you find yourself feeling very happy, or full of confidence, just simply use a knuckle, or an elbow to Anchor this state.  Then, whenever you need to bring that state of mind into being you just squeeze your Anchor.
One day very soon, you will sit back and wonder why you stayed stuck for so long!

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