As a coach I have spent the last 12 years leading and guiding my clients to keep focused on moving forward and being their best self.

Now since COVID-19  I have found it difficult to lead people into an unknown future, to be positive and to focus on the good.

I would write blogs and post positive quotes regularly but then this became a block.  How could I write in this way when I didn’t feel this way myself?

I have struggled over the past months to live my passion, which is to help others to be their best self, to speak their truth and to unlock their inner power.

Many times, I sat at my desk ready to write, but there was no flow.

I then came to realise that it was my view, my choice, and then realised it was me not being my best self and not speaking my own truth.

I then decided to write my truth and share with you as I am sure in some way you have all found yourself in a similar place.

We wake every day wondering when this will end, when we will get back to normal living. The truth is no one knows.  What we do know is that we will gain control over the Virus and we will learn to live with it and to control it, just as with other pandemics.

Now I am writing this I feel some release, I feel that I am slowly coming back to my true self.  You see the world and normal living has changed, but we are still who we are, we are still capable of being us.  All we need to change is our mindset.

I have taught many clients how to stop allowing their negative thoughts to take over, and there I was doing the same.  Right now, in this moment I know what I must do and I feel the shift within.

We are in control of us, nothing else in this world and we must realise that although the world has changed, we have not.   Concentrate on your values, what is important to you and jump back into being your best self.  We have learned and we will continue learning, don’t allow this pandemic to take away your passions your talents, keep focused on self-improvement and keep focused on moving forward.

We will get through this journey but we must not lose ourselves on the way.

 Ask yourself right now ‘are you speaking your truth’

Warmest wishes and keep safe !


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