Finding you!


It seems that a lot of people spend a great deal of their lives, searching for someone who will make them happy, complete their life and make them feel whole.  How many times have you heard someone refer to their partner as “My other half”?  So are they not whole with out that other person?

We all have a life to lead, but is the ultimate meaning to life to love, marry and have children.  There is so much more to life and it revolves around you, finding you, learning about you, learning about your qualities, your passions, your talents, and how to lead a fulfilling life.  Then, when someone does come into your life, you will enjoy getting to know them, enjoy learning about them and you will know if they are right for you and you may want to share a life with them, but they won’t become the sole purpose of ‘your life’.

The people who have found themselves and love themselves will not need someone in their life, they may want someone in their life, and this is the big difference.  Someone else cannot make you whole and happy.   Many people jump from relationship to relationship, looking for something they will never find, because what they are looking for is not out there.

If you are desperate to be in a relationship, once you do meet someone, you will be so focused on holding on to them; you won’t even notice or care if they are right for you. You will become obsessed and eventually end up pushing that person away, you will lose all rationale and when the relationship ends you will fall apart, and probably leap straight into another relationship.

On the other hand, the people who have found themselves, will be themselves in the relationship, they will still live their own life. If their relationship ends, they would feel the pain and be very sad, but it won’t take over their life, they will grieve and eventually move on, they won’t jump straight into another relationship, because they are still whole.

If you are single and desperate for someone in your life, ask yourself, What is missing within me? Do I love me? Have I achieved all that I want? Am I at peace within? Can someone else really give me what is missing?

These answers aren’t just on the surface, you will need to dig deep within and when you do, you will find the truth and then you will understand that no other person could ever give this to you.

If you are spending your valuable time and energy searching for happiness, stop right now!  Happiness is not out there, happiness is within.  We all have a life purpose and once you live this purpose, you will be fulfilled and at peace and no one will ever be able to take that away from you.  Once you are in this state, you will not be desperate for someone, you may like the idea of having someone special in your life, but not desperate, and when someone does come along, if they are not right, or it doesn’t last you will not be broken.

We are all individuals, we are all unique, we are all special beings with special gifts, and we are here to discover those gifts and to lead a fulfilled life.  If along this path you find someone to love then embrace it but don’t make your life path one of desperation for love.

Life is about finding you and loving you.  Stop doing and start being!