Comfort Zone !!!

Comfort Zone

If  you dread going to work every day and spend your week longing for the weekend then you are probably in the wrong job.  It is true, believe it or not that some people love their job and enjoy going to work, yet there are others that have real trouble believing this.  They really believe that a job is not to be enjoyed, that it is a means to an end, it pays the bills etc.   The difference is, those that enjoy their job are those that chose to do something they love.

What usually keeps us in an unsatisfying job is the comfort zone.   This is a dangerous place to be! You feel safe, there is no pressure, you know what to expect every day and there are no risks.   But at the end of the day, you probably  feel worn out, de-motivated, lethargic with no zest for life.  It is not long before all of these symptoms start to impact on your whole life,  such as relationships, fitness, self-confidence and socialising.

I can tell you now, there is not one single person that stepped out of their comfort zone and regretted it!

It’s usually fear of the unknown that keeps us trapped but once you take the first step your whole life will change for the better.

Exercise 1 

Close your eyes and visualize your resignation.   However you would complete this by letter, or email, visualise every step.  See what you see, hear what you hear and feel what you feel.  Visualise every detail.   Now take a big deep breath in and then breath out letting go of all negativity.  Open your eyes.  What are you feeling?  Is it fear or is it excitement?

Exercise 2

Make a list of:

  • Everything you have to gain by staying
  • Everything you have to gain by moving
  • Everything you have to lose by staying
  • Everything you have to lose by moving

The answers will speak for them selves. what is the positive intention of staying in a dead-end boring job that offers you no future?

What is the positive intention of staying in a boring dead-end job?

Once you are in a job you enjoy you will be motivated, have more energy, more confidence  and all areas of your life will improve.

Happiness  Dances On Busy Feet!