Spring has Sprung!

Its Spring time once again, although it doesn’t exactly feel like it, however I am sure warmer weather will be with us soon!!

So it’s that time of year once again where you start to think about clearing out the old and starting a new.

You start working on the house, on the garden, planning holidays etc. but do you ever take a step back and take time to think about you.

For instance, when did you last ask yourself, Am I happy? Am I fulfilled? Am I satisfied? Am I motivated? Am I heading in the right direction? Do I know where I want to be this time next year?

If you answered yes to all the above then well done, you are on your path, you know what you want and how to get there.

If you answered no to some or all of the above then now is the time to wake up to yourself!

Indulge in some real you time! Set aside an hour alone with just a pen and paper.

Consider your life right now. For every question above where you answered ‘no’, now ask ‘why? Once you know ‘why’ then you can identify what needs to change. Once you know what needs to change, you can decide the first step in making that change.

Sometimes when we want to change things in our lives we look at the big picture and it all seems so far away and unreachable that often we push it aside and it then becomes just a dream.

The key is to break it down into smaller chunks – draw up a plan of where you are now, where you want to be and by when you want to be there. Next set weekly goals, write down the first step, then the 2nd step and so on. Once you break it down and start reaching these weekly goals, you become more motivated and pretty soon you are half way towards your desired outcome in no time at all.

Anything is achievable if you have the desire. Once you start looking ahead and planning for the future your life will have new meaning, you will become enthusiastic and positive.

If you have no enthusiasm for life then something needs to change, don’t waste any more time, life is too short!!

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Live the Life you Love and Love the Life you Live!

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Are you in the right job?

When we are challenged we are motivated, when we are motivated we are confident, when we are confident we are happy, when we are happy we are successful!

 Can you tick yes  to all of the below? 

  • Are you passionate about your work?
  • Are you challenged
  • Are you motivated?
  • Are you progressing|?
  • Do you have job satisfaction?
  • Do you get recognition
  • Are you valued?

We spend around 2000 hours working per year, if you don’t enjoy  what you do then you are wasting your valuable time.  If you were given the choice to stay in a boring job or to do something you love but for less money what would you choose?

Life is so short,  enjoy every part of it, not just the weekends?