Life Purpose

Have you realised your Life Purpose?  Are you living it? Or are you still looking for it?  We are all here for a reason and that reason is to discover our Life Purpose and to live that Purpose.  What ever your Life Purpose is, its sole purpose will be to give.  Now that may conjure up all sorts of ideas that may be along the wrong track, the goal is, to earn a living from something you are passionate about, something you love to do ! Whatever that is, you will find that in some way you will be giving.

My passion and Life Purpose is to help people be their absolute best and realise their dreams.  To do this I studied Life Coaching and NLP and became a qualified Life Coach and Master NLP Coach.   Think about people who earn a living from something they love to do, such as singers, actors, writers, poets, artists, photographers etc.  They are all ‘giving’ in some way.  Listen to the lyrics of a song and you will find an answer, the singer is giving, listen to music and find joy in dancing, the musician is giving!  Read poetry and delight in the depth of language, the poet is giving.  Look at art and delight in what you see, the artist is giving. Look at photographs and be in awe of the subject, the photographer is giving.    In some way, what ever it is, once you realise and live your life purpose you will be giving.  It’s nothing to do with fame, it is about passion, you may be passionate about cooking, you may bake the most amazing cakes, you may be an amazing mathematician, you may love animals, gardening, design, drawing and you may be a great speaker or a great listener or a teacher.

Life is not about dreading tomorrow and longing for the weekend, life is about realizing that every day is precious and every day is for living! It’s about looking forward to tomorrow, knowing that when you wake up your day will be filled with doing something that you love!

We all have a given talent, sometimes because that talent is something so easy to us and enjoyable, we fail to recognise it as a true talent, we assume that anyone can do it!… not so! Is there something that you could stand up and talk about with passion, something that needs no research or script because it just flows from within?  This is your talent and your life purpose is to recognize and use this talent.

Look within, you have everything you need, all the answers, all the tools, the talent is yours, embrace it and use it!


What Talent ?

We are all unique and we all have a talent, something we are passionate about.  Whilst coaching I have come across many people who fail to realise they have a talent.   With some more digging, of course, they soon realise this is not the case.

I have come to realise that it is because our talents come easy to us that we fail to recognize them as anything special.

I have a young nephew who can play the guitar beautifully, when I commented on this he said “oh its easy, anyone can do it!

I also know someone who takes the most amazing photographs, and again when I commented on this they replied ‘it’s the camera not me’.

Some people realise their talent and have chosen to use it and some even earn a living from it! They are living the dream!

I wonder how many people are letting their talents go to waste!

What is your talent?

Are you in the right job?

When we are challenged we are motivated, when we are motivated we are confident, when we are confident we are happy, when we are happy we are successful!

 Can you tick yes  to all of the below? 

  • Are you passionate about your work?
  • Are you challenged
  • Are you motivated?
  • Are you progressing|?
  • Do you have job satisfaction?
  • Do you get recognition
  • Are you valued?

We spend around 2000 hours working per year, if you don’t enjoy  what you do then you are wasting your valuable time.  If you were given the choice to stay in a boring job or to do something you love but for less money what would you choose?

Life is so short,  enjoy every part of it, not just the weekends?