Hobby or Passion?

I just want you to consider the word ‘Hobby’.

The Wiki definition of the word is:

A hobby is a regular activity done for pleasure – typically during leisure e.g., collecting themed items and objects, engaging in creative and artistic pursuits, playing sports. Continual participation in a hobby can provide substantial skill and knowledge about it.

Now consider the word passion:

The Wiki definition of the word is:

Passion (from the Latin verb patī meaning to suffer) is a term applied to a very strong feeling about a person or thing. Passion is an intense emotion compelling, enthusiasm, or desire for anything.

If you go back over generations we were conditioned to believing that the thing you loved to do, that came easy to you, that was a pleasure to you, was just a hobby and that you needed to put this aside and get a proper job. A job was not something you had to enjoy, great if you did, but it was just a means to an end, it paid the bills!

Thankfully, we are awakening, and are now more aware.

Consider this:

To earn a living from doing something you love would mean you would never have to ‘work’ another day in your life!

If you are in a boring job, dread every morning and just live for the weekends, then now is the time to realise that life is for living not just for surviving.

We all have a talent, something we are passionate about, something that brings pleasure and fulfillment, and that something has been labeled a ‘Hobby’.  

It is not a ‘Hobby’ it is your Passion, your Talent and now is the time to bring your Talent to the forefront of your life. Even if you have to continue working, once you are pursuing your true passion, your life will have more meaning.

I believe we all have a life purpose and that purpose is to harness our Talent. The choice is yours; either ignore and forget your talent, or embrace it and live a fulfilled life.

As soon as you realise it isn’t just a ‘Hobby’ that it is your ‘Passion’, your ‘Talent’ then you will know the direction to follow and once you are on your path your life will become abundant.

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Finding your True Potential!

Do you know and recognize your talent?  Or like me is it buried so deep inside that you can no longer remember or find it.  I didn’t discover my true talent until the age of 50.  Of course it was there staring me in the face and always had been.  I only discovered it after redundancy gave me time to think about me.  I thought long and hard about what I enjoyed, I looked back over my life and searched deep inside and still could not find the answer.  I decided to see a Life Coach.  I started searching the internet and the more I learned about Life Coaching the more interested I became.  There was alight bulb moment when I realised that through my life I had always tried to help people.  If a friend or family member came to me moaning and groaning, I wouldn’t just moan and groan along with them, I would try to find an answer for them to make everything right.   Finally I realised my Talent, my true passion was for helping people to be their absolute best.

I knew this was right for me because it made me feel alive, it made me feel excited and it made me determined.  Even though people said it wouldn’t work or that it was a huge market and I was wasting my time and money,  I didn’t listen to them; I listened to my inner self.

Once you know what you want it will not go away until you bring it to realisation.    If you ignore it, it will keep coming back, in some way, shape or form; you will keep getting reminders, messages, see something, and hear something from friends, strangers, the TV or the radio.

How many times have you said to yourself “I wish I had done that when I had the chance”, or “If I had my time over again I would have done……….”.

It’s never too late, there is only now.  The past is gone and can’t be changed; the future is unknown, which leaves the present.  If you know there is something you want to do then don’t wait any longer just do it!  If it means re training, don’t let this put you off, there are so many ways to train that can and will fit around your current commitments.

Feel the fear and do it anyway!

What Talent ?

We are all unique and we all have a talent, something we are passionate about.  Whilst coaching I have come across many people who fail to realise they have a talent.   With some more digging, of course, they soon realise this is not the case.

I have come to realise that it is because our talents come easy to us that we fail to recognize them as anything special.

I have a young nephew who can play the guitar beautifully, when I commented on this he said “oh its easy, anyone can do it!

I also know someone who takes the most amazing photographs, and again when I commented on this they replied ‘it’s the camera not me’.

Some people realise their talent and have chosen to use it and some even earn a living from it! They are living the dream!

I wonder how many people are letting their talents go to waste!

What is your talent?