2015 Is Your Year !

Did you know that 2015 is a great time to make changes, do the things you have been putting off,  reach that dream that is still just a dream, getting out of the job you hate, changing your location, quit smoking, re train, get fit, get slim, get rich etc.  So why is it that usually even before the end of January, those plans, goals, ideas and dreams are fading fast? Because they are  usually New Years Resolutions and they are known to fade fast. So forget the resolutions and instead make plans.

Firstly you must change the ‘want’.  Ask yourself, do you just want it?  So often I hear people say “I want to start my own business” my question to them is “do you ‘want’ to start your own business or are you going to ‘have’ your own business?   See the difference here.  Wanting something, means you haven’t got it, when you reach out to the Universe you must be present and in the now and you must talk as if  you already have it.  So instead of, ” I want to be slim, I want to quit smoking, I want to be successful”, change that to “I will be slim, I will quit smoking, I will be successful, I will have my own business”.  Once you say this, you will see how the energy changes and how different and excited you feel. You can achieve what ever you desire, by having the right mind-set, and belief.  When you ‘want’ you are pretty much agreeing that you will never ‘have’.  

Don’t rely on anyone, don’t wait for anything, take action and make it happen, see your dream befall reality. You know what you want, so now visualise the out-come, and then set your short-term  goals, once you break it down into small steps, you will quickly see results and this will motivate you even more. Whilst going through this new transition always focus on ‘now’, do something every day towards your goal. Become aware of your inner state as you reach each milestone, how if feels, what is sounds like, what it looks like, learn new behaviours and thought patterns to accommodate your change of habit and this will ensure that the new way becomes the only way! You have within you, the power and all of the resources required to be the person you truly want to be! Happy 2015 !!