Do You Hate Your Job?

How would you like to earn money from doing something you love? If you love your job then that is great news.  However, if you dread getting up every morning and long for the weekends then it’s time you did something about it.

So many are in shit jobs just to pay the bills, consider how many hours you are spending doing something that does not satisfy your needs.  Imagine instead spending those hours doing something you love, something you are passionate about, wouldn’t life be great?

What did you love to do when you were a kid? For instance, my daughter loved photography as young as five, hard to believe but I actually have a photo of her at the age of five taking a photo.  I remember years ago telling her that she was a talented photographer and her reply back then was “the camera does the work I just click the button”.  She did however come to realise that this was her passion and now earns a living from photography, she doesn’t earn a fortune but enough, the big thing is SHE LOVES HER JOB.  It isn’t about making a fortune or being famous, it’s about being satisfied.

I had another client who was a factory worker but loved fitness, he now runs his own gym classes and of course is very happy.

I always ask my clients what their talents are and most say they don’t have any, until we start digging a little deeper and then they always pop up, here are just a few, Music, Painting, Writing, Sport, Fitness, Creating Gift Cards, Dancing ….. the list goes on.

Simply by bringing these passions into your life may make your shit job not so shitty after all.  As I said its about being satisfied and by realising your true passions you will come alive.  You will feel invigorated and motivated to make the dream even bigger and who knows you could end up making a living from it.

Don’t get stuck on the grid working 9 to 5 unless you love what you are doing.

It is never to late, its not that hard, it is there inside you, don’t wait any longer.

Make a list right now of your passions, then consider ways  you can bring these into your life right now, without quitting your job.  You CAN make the time, all you need is the desire.

Don’t sit back and plod along, look within, realise your true purpose and GO FOR IT.

You can do this !


Discover your Future Freedom Now!

Did you know that you were born with a life purpose? That purpose is your talent, something that comes natural to you, that you are passionate about, that you never tire of, that if you were to earn a living from it, you would never work another day in your life.  Once you are living your true life purpose, you will find ultimate fulfilment and freedom.

Unfortunately, due to the rush and stress of everyday life, quite often that ‘purpose’ is pushed aside, sometimes it is buried so deep within that it is forgotten about. The good news is that although it may be buried deep inside, it will always be there, nagging at you, prodding you, begging you to give it life.  You may have this deep routed feeling that there is something more, something else that you should be doing.

Maybe you know exactly what your true purpose and passion is, but fear and doubt is keeping you from living it.  I know just how wonderful life is once you discover and live your true purpose so I now want to give as many people as possible the chance to discover and live their Future Freedom too.  To do so I am offering a free thirty minute  “Discover your Future Freedom”  Coaching Session.

 During this telephone session:

  • You’ll uncover hidden talents and gifts that have been buried deep inside for too long;
  • You’ll uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your self-belief and holding you back;
  • We’ll work together to create a crystal-clear vision of your future goal;
  • You’ll leave the session renewed, re-energized and inspired to finally move forward to your future freedom!

There is living and there is existing, choose to live your life right now!

Note : This offer is open for a limited period only.


How to Build Your Self Esteem

You know all those negative remarks you have continuously heard all your life, something like,  ‘you are a total idiot’, ‘you are useless, ‘you can’t do anything right’, ‘you will never get anywhere in this life’, and so on and so on.   They are all stored at an unconscious level, and have become part of the makeup of your self- belief.

You may have been criticised negatively, but from endearment, for instance by your parents and siblings, they didn’t necessarily mean you any harm.  You could have had others criticise you negatively, to get a laugh at your expense, or from jealousy, fear, hurt, hate, guilt,  to name a few.

You started to believe all the negative comments you were hearing about yourself and with every negative remark you took on board, your self-esteem decreased.  You became more introverted and self conscious.  You even started to admit to yourself that you are ‘useless’ and an ‘idiot’ and’ can’t do anything right’.  You start to feel de-motivated and believe that you will never amount to much!

Well I have some good news that I am going to share with you!

You will hear criticism throughout your life, simply because you cannot determine or prevent what someone else is going to say or think about you, because this is out of your control.  The only thing in this world that you do have total control over is YOU!

From now on remember this phrase…

What anyone else thinks is none of my business”!

You had a choice and you chose to take the criticism on board.  There are some people that hear exactly the same stuff; however they choose not to believe it and to let it go, their self-esteem is intact. The only difference is they chose a different option.

You see, life is all about choices, you have control over you, no one else.  So make the choice right now, to let go of all those negative comments that you have been holding on to.  Make a promise to YOU right now that you will never again allow negative criticism ‘IN’ and that instead you will ‘LET IT GO’.

Start looking at yourself in a new fresh way, embrace all of your good points, your strengths, your gifts, your talents, love you and accept you.  Let go of all the negativity that has been holding you back; it is time to build your self-belief and to send your Self-Esteem shooting skywards.

It was  you who allowed it to be taken away and only you can bring it back.  Stop listening to that negative voice in your head; instead listen to the positive one that has been struggling for years to be heard.

Step 1. Let go of Negativity:

The next time someone criticises you negatively, visualise slamming the biggest heaviest wooden door and shutting it out!    If you get criticised, you don’t have to argue or fight, you just simply ‘let it go’.  You slam the door, and praise yourself.  Let go of those negative comments.  Remember, what anyone else thinks is none of your business.  Choose to remain positive; to see your value and to love you!

Step 2.   Increase your Self-Belief:

Remember the only thing you have total control over is you.  Don’t concern yourself with happenings that are out of your control.  If you judge yourself badly then you will project this, you must ensure that you remain positive.  Make a list of all of your attributes, your strengths, your talents.  Make a list and pin it up on a wall, read it every day.  Every time you hear your negative self-talk, slam that door shut and replace with positive self –talk.  Look in the mirror; stand tall, with your shoulders back, head high, look at you, and tell you  ‘I am unique, I am worthy and I am a good person’. The more positive you become the stronger you will become, the more you praise yourself, the more you will value yourself and the more motivated you will become.  When you love you, you will project this, and everyone else will see your worth too.

Step 3.  Take back control:

This doesn’t mean being passive or controlling your emotions to avoid confrontation. It means having a natural reflex that enables you to be the ‘greater person’ in tricky situations.  You see when you allow others’ to affect you; you are giving away your power to that person.  By believing in yourself and not allowing outside influences to affect you, you will hold on to your power, turn the other cheek and be the greater person.

Us human beings  are energy, we are one with the Universe.  When you feel good you generate good energy into the universe, when you concentrate on what you want you send ripples of positivity out into the universe and the universe will deliver.  Feel good, concentrate on what you want, dream big, believe in yourself and you will attract an abundant life.



Life Purpose

Have you realised your Life Purpose?  Are you living it? Or are you still looking for it?  We are all here for a reason and that reason is to discover our Life Purpose and to live that Purpose.  What ever your Life Purpose is, its sole purpose will be to give.  Now that may conjure up all sorts of ideas that may be along the wrong track, the goal is, to earn a living from something you are passionate about, something you love to do ! Whatever that is, you will find that in some way you will be giving.

My passion and Life Purpose is to help people be their absolute best and realise their dreams.  To do this I studied Life Coaching and NLP and became a qualified Life Coach and Master NLP Coach.   Think about people who earn a living from something they love to do, such as singers, actors, writers, poets, artists, photographers etc.  They are all ‘giving’ in some way.  Listen to the lyrics of a song and you will find an answer, the singer is giving, listen to music and find joy in dancing, the musician is giving!  Read poetry and delight in the depth of language, the poet is giving.  Look at art and delight in what you see, the artist is giving. Look at photographs and be in awe of the subject, the photographer is giving.    In some way, what ever it is, once you realise and live your life purpose you will be giving.  It’s nothing to do with fame, it is about passion, you may be passionate about cooking, you may bake the most amazing cakes, you may be an amazing mathematician, you may love animals, gardening, design, drawing and you may be a great speaker or a great listener or a teacher.

Life is not about dreading tomorrow and longing for the weekend, life is about realizing that every day is precious and every day is for living! It’s about looking forward to tomorrow, knowing that when you wake up your day will be filled with doing something that you love!

We all have a given talent, sometimes because that talent is something so easy to us and enjoyable, we fail to recognise it as a true talent, we assume that anyone can do it!… not so! Is there something that you could stand up and talk about with passion, something that needs no research or script because it just flows from within?  This is your talent and your life purpose is to recognize and use this talent.

Look within, you have everything you need, all the answers, all the tools, the talent is yours, embrace it and use it!

Finding your True Potential!

Do you know and recognize your talent?  Or like me is it buried so deep inside that you can no longer remember or find it.  I didn’t discover my true talent until the age of 50.  Of course it was there staring me in the face and always had been.  I only discovered it after redundancy gave me time to think about me.  I thought long and hard about what I enjoyed, I looked back over my life and searched deep inside and still could not find the answer.  I decided to see a Life Coach.  I started searching the internet and the more I learned about Life Coaching the more interested I became.  There was alight bulb moment when I realised that through my life I had always tried to help people.  If a friend or family member came to me moaning and groaning, I wouldn’t just moan and groan along with them, I would try to find an answer for them to make everything right.   Finally I realised my Talent, my true passion was for helping people to be their absolute best.

I knew this was right for me because it made me feel alive, it made me feel excited and it made me determined.  Even though people said it wouldn’t work or that it was a huge market and I was wasting my time and money,  I didn’t listen to them; I listened to my inner self.

Once you know what you want it will not go away until you bring it to realisation.    If you ignore it, it will keep coming back, in some way, shape or form; you will keep getting reminders, messages, see something, and hear something from friends, strangers, the TV or the radio.

How many times have you said to yourself “I wish I had done that when I had the chance”, or “If I had my time over again I would have done……….”.

It’s never too late, there is only now.  The past is gone and can’t be changed; the future is unknown, which leaves the present.  If you know there is something you want to do then don’t wait any longer just do it!  If it means re training, don’t let this put you off, there are so many ways to train that can and will fit around your current commitments.

Feel the fear and do it anyway!

What Talent ?

We are all unique and we all have a talent, something we are passionate about.  Whilst coaching I have come across many people who fail to realise they have a talent.   With some more digging, of course, they soon realise this is not the case.

I have come to realise that it is because our talents come easy to us that we fail to recognize them as anything special.

I have a young nephew who can play the guitar beautifully, when I commented on this he said “oh its easy, anyone can do it!

I also know someone who takes the most amazing photographs, and again when I commented on this they replied ‘it’s the camera not me’.

Some people realise their talent and have chosen to use it and some even earn a living from it! They are living the dream!

I wonder how many people are letting their talents go to waste!

What is your talent?